Groupon Redemption Process


Ensure that you have the correct product added to the cart. On the checkout page,  apply coupon starting with “Gr” to redeem a Groupon voucher. Please remove any existing coupon before you apply the Groupon code. If the redemption doesn’t work, please send us a screenshot along with the code used for further investigation.

  1. For redemption codes starting with “grbund” – ensure you have selected the “Bundle – Online Stock Market for Beginners and Stock Options DecodedBundle – Online Permit Education for Teen Drivers In CA (DMV-Approved, Recommended)” product.
  2. For redemption codes starting with “grsto” – ensure you have selected the “Navigating the Stock Market for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide” product.
  3. For redemption codes starting with “gropt” – ensure you have selected the “Stock Options Decoded for Beginners: Unlock the Power of Stock Options” product.

Detailed Process to Redeem Groupon Vouchers:

To optimize your experience with Groupon vouchers and seamlessly unlock our services, please follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Select Product and click “Shop Now”: Please visit the link https://LearnCertify.com/shop/ and locate the “Shop Now” button. Ensure that you select the product that matches the exact name as stated on your Groupon voucher or otherwise redeemable code will not work. 

  2. Enter the Voucher Code: When at checkout, find ‘Click here to enter your discount code’ and enter the code starting with ‘Gr’ from your Groupon voucher. Remove any existing codes before pasting to prevent errors. Only ‘Gr’ codes are valid; Groupon order numbers or other codes won’t work. To avoid errors, we recommend copying and pasting the discount code since characters like I, i, and 1 can be easily confused. 

  3. Complete Registration: To complete your registration and access all features, input your details accurately. 

If you encounter any challenges during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@LearnCertify.com. When reaching out, kindly include your voucher code or Groupon Number starting with “Gr” to expedite the resolution of any concerns you may have.

Your cooperation ensures a swift and efficient resolution, enhancing your overall satisfaction.

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